How to Register FIR Online - Process & Report a Case

How to Register FIR Online
How to Register FIR Online is very easy and convenient in case of losing an article from the public place , home anywhere which can endanger your security.
In the digital India the mission of the government is to promote e-governance so that people can easily do task without losing the time.

In case of FIR it has been that we generally wait for 2-3 hours in the police station when we want to register a simple complaint about losing of articles like Mobile, Purse, I Card, Admit Card etc. But With the help of online system we can register this complaint in 2-3 minute. So it saves our lot of time.
What is FIR:
FIR is stand for the first Information Report. It is an account of the crime committed from the survivor's perspective, and is the first document that needs to be prepared by the police to initiate investigations. It is of two types.

1.       Cognizable

2.       Non Cognizable

Cognizable FIR are those on which police have to take immediate action on the report and Police can arrest the culprit without any warrant like murder case, rape case etc while on the other hand Non Cognizable report are those in which Police does not immediate action and police will mot arrest the culprit without the court Permission like items stolen, Shop lifting fall under this category.

Process to report online FIR:
Before making a complaint of online FIR do remember one thing that online fir is only for the Non Cognizable case like Item stolen. So police would not take any immediate action on it but the Online portal would give you a copy of report .Thus this portal will help you to make the FIR online from home in case of Item stolen or failure of renewal of document etc. Different states have the different portal to make the FIR online and the portals are here

1.     For Delhi state
2.     For UP state
3.     For Maharashtra

Process to follow:
1.       Open the online portal from the link given above.
2.   Fill the online application form detail very carefully. False information may lead to punishable offence.
3.      After you submit the online application form than you would get the e-Generate report with police stamp of your locality. Save this file or Print it for future use.

4.       As soon as you click on Submit, your Complaint Number/FIR Number will be generated
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