Government Vs Private Jobs - Which One is The Best?

Government Vs Private Jobs
In the digital India we often search Government Vs Private Jobs - Which one is the best? On the Internet but we cannot able on the conclusion that which job is the best whether the private job or the government job.
Here we will describe you about why government job is better than a private job.

1.    Job Security: Our job security can be kick off at any time from the private sector but government job cannot be kick off from the public sector even during the re-session. So you don’t need to look over the other company.

2.     Pay scale: After the 6th pay commission the salary increment of the Government employee became so high that a private employee cannot get in the five years. It will be amazed to see the salary of government employee after the 7th pay commission.

3.    Working Hours: Nearly in all the government sector we have to do work in the day and working hour is also less and approximately  8-10 hours but I most of the private sector our schedule is not fix and it can also be in night and working hours can up to be goes to the 12-14 hours.

4.       Promotion: It is true that in government sector promotion is based on the service period but it is seem advantage to all the employee who is below the average.

5.       Benefit and Perks: In the government sector major benefit has been seeing apart from the government job like retirement, medical, housing, loans, child care etc but most of the private sector does not employee it.

6.       Work Stress: The work stress is also less in the government sector but in the private sector we have so much stress to handle the client, to attract the client, impress the boss for promotion etc.

7.       Holidays: In government job you will have more holidays. You will get holidays on the regional festival as well as national festival. Apart from Saturday and Sunday you will also get 14 days extra holidays.

8.     Respect: If you are government employee than every one respect you in the company from junior to senior and respect is also seen in the society. You will also get beautiful wife because more parents want that their son in law should be employee of government because if he died in in any circumstances than government will take care of her daughter.

Conclusion: So our suggestion is for you try to do government job whether it is C grade, D grade or A. A government job is best for any one and is best by all mean we have discussed above.

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