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IAS Interview Questions & Answers:
Here we provide IAS Interview Questions and Answers 2015 in the below module for those career oriented candidates who want to serve their country becoming an IAS officer.
UPSC conducts the IAS exam to appoint the qualified candidates in Indian Administrative service.
Now a day everybody wants a bright career. Therefore people go for the higher studies and apply for the jobs Like IAS. Before applying a job people must know how to face interview to get a good job.

Interview is the art of introversion. An Interview is the place when applicant proves their knowledge and other skill in front of the interviewers. There are different kinds of interview such as One-to-one Interview, Group interview, Mock Interview, Panel Interview, Site interview, behavioral interviews, Career fair interview etc.

Sometimes when people face interview they get nervous and do not give their best performance. Here we are providing you some useful tips for IAS interview. Read these tips carefully and crack any interview easily.

Points to consternate on for UPSC IAS Interview:

·         Physical appearance and movements
·         Mental alertness
·         Interest and knowledge of current affairs
·         Variety and depth of interest
·         Leadership ability
·         Situation handling ability
·         Social traits
·         Judgment power
·         Way of thinking (+ve or -ve)

Important questions for Interview:

·         Tell me about yourself?
·         Why do you want this job?
·         Tell me about your hobbies….?
·         How do you manage to work under pressure?
·         If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other hand, what would you have?
·         How can you lift an elephant with one hand?
·         Bay of Bengal is in which state?
·         If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become?
·         Shall I ask you one tough Question or 5 easy questions?
·         How can a man go eight days without sleep?
·         What Are Your Great Strengths?
·         What Are Your Great Weakness?
·         What you have learned from your mistakes?
·         What do you like about your present job?
·         Why do you want to become an IAS Officer?
·         Why should I hire you?
·         Why did you leave your last job?
·         What will you do if I run away with your sister?
·         Do you have any query to ask me?
·         What are your goals?

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