GSEB Syllabus 2016 Download Pdf 10th,12th Exam Pattern Online

GSEB Syllabus 2016:

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has declared GSEB Syllabus 2016 for 12th, 10th class. Candidates may get the syllabus in PDF form via online mode.

Institute conducts exam twice in a year for 12th, 10thclasses. New student are waiting for their Gujarat Board Syllabus for HSC and SSC classes. The syllabus is one the very best element of preparation of a written examination.

Using the syllabus, students can get the exact information about what subject they should prepare. If you have a right syllabus then you have the right direction for the preparation of is providing your Syllabus in the below section. Interested Candidates must have a glance.

Syllabus for 10th Class containing following subjects:

1)   Math
2)   Science
3)   Social Science

·        Real Numbers
·        Polynomials
·        Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables
·        Quadratic Equations
·        Arithmetic Progressions
·        Introduction To Trigonometry
·        Trigonometric Identities
·        Heights And Distances
·        Coordinate Geometry
·        Geometry
·        Triangles
·        Circles
·        Constructions
·        Areas Related To Circles
·        Surface Areas And Volumes
·        Statistics
·        Probability

·        Acids, bases and salts
·        Chemical reaction
·        Metals and non metals
·        Carbon Compounds
·        Periodic classification of elements
·        Life Processes
·        Effects of Current
·        Reflection of light at curved surfaces, Images formed by spherical mirrors, centre of curvature, principal axis, principal
·        Management of natural resources
·        The Regional environment
·        Sources of energy

 Social Science:
·        French revolution
·        Russian Revolution
·        Rise of Nazism
·        Pastoralists in the modern world
·        Forest society and colonialism
·        Farmers and peasants
·        Sports and politics
·        Clothes and cultures
Syllabus for 12th Class containing following subjects:
1)   Mathematics
2)   Physics
3)   Chemistry
4)   Biology
5)   Accountancy

·        Relations and Functions
·        Inverse Trigonometric Functions
·        Matrices
·        Determinants
·        Continuity and Differentiability
·        Applications of Derivatives
·        Integrals
·        Applications of the Integrals
·        Differential Equations
·        Vectors
·        Three - dimensional Geometry
·        Linear Programming
·        Probability

·        Static Electricity
·        Current Electricity
·        Magnetic effects of electric current and magnetism
·        Electromagnetic waves
·        Electromagnetic induction and alternating current
·        Optics
·        Atom and nucleus
·        Radiation & Dual Nature of Matter
·        Semiconductor Devices
·        Communication System

·        Solid State
·        Solutions
·        Electrochemistry
·        Chemical kinetics
·        Surface Chemistry
·        General principles and processes of Isolation of Elements
·        p-Block Elements
·        d-and f-Block Elements
·        Coordination Compounds
·        Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
·        Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
·        Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids
·        Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
·        Biomolecules
·        Polymers
·        Chemistry in Everyday life

·        Multicellularity: Plant Physiology
·        Multicellularity: Animal Physiology
·        Reproduction, Growth and Development
·        Ecology and Environment
·        Biology and Human welfare

·        Partnership Accounts
·        Reconstruction Of Partnership 
·        Dissolution Of Partnership Firm
·        Share Capital Transaction
·        Accounting For Debentures
·        Analysis Of Financial Statements
·        Deshi Nama System

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