Learn How to Improve English Writing Skills

Need of Writing Skills:
Writing is becoming an increasingly important skill in today’s world. Teenagers use the written word in their own language to communicate in both social and academic contexts, and many of them will need to develop good writing skills in English too.

The Writing skills practice section on Learn English Teens helps teenagers to improve their writing skills for their school studies and English exams. Also in so many offices and jobs you need best writing skills.

On our page we provide you some steps which helps you to improve your English writing skills which are given below:

·         Step 1 Keep All of your Writing in One Place:
You need to write on same place either it is a notebook or journal or an electronic journal. It helkps you to check your improvement in writing skills:

·         Step 2 Practice Writing in English Daily
You need to do practice of writing daily; you need to makes it your routine habit. You will not see a significant improvement if you are not dedicated to becoming a better writer in English It helps to increase your speed and also make it correct writing.

·         Step 3 Pick a Topic and WRITE:
You need to pick a topic and write your article on it. If you don’t have any topic then you have no need to worry you can write anything like your personal views, thoughts, your daily routine, or personal gossip anything you want it also helps you for improvement.

·         Step 4 Write More than One Draft:
Sometimes, your best writing becomes better after you take a break and work on a second or third draft. When you revise (or rewrite) your work you are often able to get your message across more clearly. You make think of things that you did not think to write in the first draft and you can add it in a later draft.

·         Step 5 Use Online Resources to Correct your Grammar:
You can correct your grammar by online resources or also get help like correcting your spellings or synonymous or other help or information. Also you can use dictionary to learn new words and also read articles for more information.

·         Step 6 Think Outside the Box (or Lines):
Don’t write about the same thing every day or you will get bored. Try writing the same story from different perspectives or different tenses. If you are writing a story about a baby that won’t stop crying; first, it could be the mother telling the story; then from the perspective of the baby. Or you could write it in present moment…. ‘My baby hasn’t stopped crying in five days…’ and then write in the perspective of a pregnant woman that is thinking about having a baby that won’t stop crying. Don’t write about topics in the obvious way. Be creative!

·         Step 7 Have a Friend Edit Your Writing:
Ask a friend to check your articles and correct it or make right and positive changes in it. After checking it you can read it again and check your mistakes and you can correct it for next time.

·         Step 8 Find the Best Place for You to Write:
Always find a best and peaceful place for writing like your study room on anywhere else. But find that place where no one can disturb you or your writing time.

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